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Q: What is the product description for Couture Hair International Collection:

A: We carry only the best Virgin Remy hair including the following orgins; Barzilian, Indian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair.

Q: What is Remi or Remy Hair:
Remy is the cuticle direction - The cuticles are intact and each strand of hair are aligned in the same direction.  Because the cuticles are in one direction the hair does not tangle and lasts longer than other hair on the market.

Q: What is Virgin Hair:
A: 100% human hair and it is the highest grade of human hair. Only the finest hand picked healthy virgin hair is used. Virgin hair is unprocessed and no chemicals have been added. You can color this natural hair . Thr hair comes in natural colors (Including natural black and natural brown)

Q: Does the hair shed?
A: All of the hair is created with a special weft to reduce shedding we use a special technique which helps prevent it from shedding. 

Q: How much hair should will I need?
This depends on the type of weave you are getting. For partial weaves
you will most likely need anywhere from 3.5 oz to 6 oz.  For the average full head weave you will need at least 8 oz of hair. Longer and fuller styles typically require more hair. If you going for a fuller look, or working with hair 22 inches or
Longer, you should consider purchasing anywhere From 12 to 16 oz. Many of our customers purchase different lengths for Natural layering (ex. 18", 20", & 22").

Q: How do you care for Virgin Remy hair?
A: Because this is 100% human virgin remy hair you would care for this hair just
As you would your very own. Wash and condition It regularly. You can blow dry, but we recommend drying the hair by either sitting under a hair dryer or when possible let Your hair air dry. Here is a tip, for flowing loose curls with out heat, try braiding your hair up at night, be sure to tuck it in a scarf or bonnet of some sort, the result will be curls that last all day. 

Q: Can I trim or cut my Virgin Remy hair?
Most definitely. Remember this is natural hair, so it needs the same
attention and care that you would give your own. Your own natural hair needs to be trimmed and cleaned up for it to flow the way you would prefer...So the Virgin
Remy hair needs the same attention. We recommend trimming and cleaning
up your ends after your initial installment Of your weave or extensions. This will allow your hair to flow Beautifully! As far as cutting, it would definitley be your
Choice depending on your style, but we ALWAYS recommend that every
Vimagehairs client makes this hair their own, By framing your face and finding a style that fits YOU.

Q: How often can I wash my Virgin Remy hair?
 You can wash it as often as you like and condition when possible, remember
This hair is very strong and durable. Be careful to
Pay attention to your natural hair underneath, making sure to dry it
Properly to prevent mildew.

Q: How long will this hair last?
With proper care, this hair will last until YOU decide that you're ready for new hair it last for a very long time.

Q: Can I color and add highlights to this hair?
Yes. You can color or highlight your remy hair with any permanent color kit available at most beauty supply or drug stores.