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Couture Hair International Hair Care

How to care for Virgin Remy Natural Curly Hair, Natural Wavy or Straight. This is not commercial (store bought) hair so it will not act like it, it is Virgin Hair from a human donor, which means you have to care for your new hair. You have options now, you can dye the hair to a light color or darker because it comes in its natural state. You can flat iron the hair and then wet it and the curls will come back. You can also cut and trim the hair but it will not grow back. So make sure you have the hair professional cut, if you are not sure how to cut or trim. You can also leave it the length it came and not cut it at all. If you are looking for a layer look we suggest buying different lengths to accommodate your desired style.

You have to purchase hair products to maintain the hair and care for the hair so it last and you can wear it for a long time and repeat take downs. Please adhere to the hair care instructions below and make sure you follow them.

1.    SHAMPOOING VIRGIN REMY HAIR: You must shampoo VIRGIN hair at least once a week in warm water using a detangling shampoo. When you wash the hair DO NOT massage or rub hair together, instead wash in a downward motion using your fingers between each weft wash hair in a horizontal motion and also wash the scalp. Rinse in warm water and make sure all shampoo is removed.

2.    CONDITIONING VIRGIN REMY HAIR: You must use a good conditioner, preferably one that has, curl/wavy on label If you do not have straight hair.  Purchase both leave in and not leave.  Make sure you leave the conditioner for at least 5 minutes. Put a show cap on so it can penetrate and it also provides a warm environment to condition the hair.  After 5 minutes rinse out the condition using your fingers in a downward position. Rinse all of the conditioner out of the hair and squeeze out excess water. Spray in leave in curl/wavy conditioner or a foam for those types of hair. For straight hair you can apply. You can use your fingers to scrunch up hair to return curl or a wide tooth comb while hair is moist and damp.  .

3.    DRYING VIRGIN REMY HAIR: Let hair air dry naturally. If you have a net on after hair dries get under hair dryer for 10 minutes to dry hair under the net to avoid mildewing and sour smell of your own hair beneath the net.

4.    SLEEPING ON VIRGIN REMY HAIR:  Never go to bed with wet or damp hair always let it dry first, this will decrease the chance of matting. Purchase a satin pillow case and sleep on it. You can braid, pin set, twist and even curler set your hair at night. When you get up in the morning you can apply small amounts of leave in conditioner or water to the hair using your fingers in a downward motion and the wave or curl will bounce back.

5.    COLORING VIRGIN REMY HAIR:  Very important, if you do not know how to color hair DO NOT experiment using your new VIRGIN hair, please consult with a hair stylist and allow them to color the hair. It is important that you do not over process the hair which can make it brittle and dry and cause shedding and matting. When dying the hair you first must test a small piece to match color and so much more you need to know, like you have to use a color toner shampoo and conditioner and more. So again if you do not know what you are doing locate a professional.

6.    FLAT IRONING OR CURLING VIRGIN REMY HAIR:  Make sure you test the level of heat you have your Irons set on using a small piece of your VIRGIN REMY hair. Remember if it’s too high it will burn the hair just like it would burn your natural hair. If you are using to commercial (store bought hair) remember it take higher temperatures than natural hair.  Don’t use oils or grease. The flat iron or curl iron look will stay until the hair gets damp or wet.

7.    WEAVING VIRGIN REMY HAIR: Rather you weave your hair or you have it done by a hair stylist

Is up to you. Things to remember to reduce shedding do not cut the hair. If you do use a weft sealer on the ends you cut.  This hair is best for sewn in weaves, glue just damages the weft and after repeated use the weft become sticky and messy from the glue.

8.    If you care for your virgin Remy hair and follow the instructions provided above you will fall in love with your hair. It will look natural and you will have it for a long time. Beware if you do not follow the instructions you will end up damaging the hair and it can become brittle dry and shed and you will be replacing it sooner than you want.


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